Greeting Messages
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I have great pleasure in sending a congratulating message on the occasions of providing website facilities to the people of Thavady that will defiantly help them to get the benefits of information technology that is indispensable for the people especially the youth of new millennium. The students of our area who are pursuing higher education in Universities and elsewhere will be able to update their knowledge by using the website.

I must take thus opportunity to thank the people of Thavady in Canada who have contributed financially and otherwise for the establishment of the website. This has been a long felt meet of this area. I am happy that has been satisfied by our people on Canada. The people who helped for this
will be ever remembered by us.

K. Thevarajah.
Department of Commerce
University of Jaffna,

We are really very proud of the initiative undertaken by our brothers in Canada. We are thankful for same. We wish that they will undertake many more items for the betterment of humanity in future.

Congratulations to the Thavady Web team who created the Thavady Web site. This will give a good opportunity for the Thavady community to interact with each other beyond the get-togethers that we have once a year. By creating this website you have given all of us an opportunity to communicate with each other from one side of the world to the other. During the first Thavady get-together we mentioned that this is not only for Canada but also for those Thavady communities through out the world, and this is the first step to fulfilling our dreams.

I mentioned at the first Thavady get-together, which we had 4 years ago, that each Thavady community member is like a flower. We do not smell the sweet scent of the flower when it is alone, but when it is with its own kind in the garden we smell the beautiful aroma. So, I requested everyone at the gather that we should use the get-togethers as a garden to bring our own smell into the world. As a result, the Thavady web team has created an on-line garden for each flower to unite with each other through a positive attitude, and it is a first step to reaching our goals. Through this web site the Thavady members around the world could co-operate and communicate as one team putting any of their differences behind.

I also want to reach out to the young generation, and say that until now you had a language barrier, which stopped you from participating in creating new ideas for the community. However, now you can use this site to learn about the history behind Thavady, how your ancestors lived back home as a big family, and etc. to come up with different thoughts to contribute to your community. I am asking the young generations of Thavady because you are the one's who are going to keep up this ritual in the future.

Once again, I would like to congratulate the Thavady Web team for creating this site, which acts as a bridge that connects all Thavady members together.

[ Sarwananthan S. Kandiah
   Brampton, Canada / (905)455-8383 ]